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Polish prison tattoos. Cut with razor blades, glass shards and sharpened paperclips, then inked with burned rubber, charcoal. After the convicts’ deaths, flesh was “extracted” from the corpses and preserved in jars of formaldehyde and stored at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

Photographed by Polish artist Katarzyna Mirczak.

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Is it wrong for girls to send a guy (who they don't know) a picture on snapchat of themselves in a bra?


It depends, did the guy say that he was okay with it? Never send pictures like that without consent. You don’t know if you might be making someone uncomfortable.
If he is okay with it, and you are comfortable with it, the go for it. If you are scared that he might share it with someone, don’t do it. There are ways that people can save Snapchat pictures without taking screen shots. If someone gets their hands on the picture with knowledge of your fear of them getting out, they can blackmail you, and trust me, that can get far more dangerous and personal than you think.
If you are comfortable with people seeing your body and aren’t afraid of any consequences (such as disapproval or comments from others), it is okay to do. Just don’t do it if you think that you might regret it.